That midsummer panic hit me this week.  It's predictable at this point and something I'm sure every teacher experiences.  Yes, I still have a lot on my summer todo list but, when I really think about it, the little stuff sometimes adds up.  For one, I added hooks to the vintage sign on our back porch (the vintage hooks from my mother-in-law's house that I soaked in paint thinner then neglectedly let get really rusty; nothing a little clear sealer couldn't fix).  No one has poked their eye out (an irrational fear that my husband has about anything hanging at eye-level) and, even better, there's not as much junk on the kitchen floor.  

I've also done some random acts of painting (vingage stool, wooden accent table, front hallway and ceiling) and some sporadic crafting (including my own sewing "kits" so I'm ready to go when I have time).  I also want to get all of the cool artwork that my kids have made out of the drawers and into our living space.  But I've got the rest of the summer for that, right?


One thought on “midsummer

  1. I LOVE the sign and hooks! Brilliant lady!
    I’m feeling the panic myself. I’m not ready for my girl to head back to school. U truly enjoy my time with her so much. It’s all flying by at lightening speed. I just realized last night in a panic that we have less than a month left.
    I hope you will be sharing some of those random acts of painting. I always love seeing what you’ve been up to.


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