repurposed garage door


Our garage had a sliding entry door…one of those good old-house surprises.  I wanted to reuse it in the new apartment as the bathroom door.  I was told in many ways that it wouldn't work but I knew it would.  The hardware was only slightly aged…I just cleaned it and then sealed it with a matte spray…my definition of "pretty" rust.  

I started by painting the door with a coat of thinned white paint.  It turned a really cool weathered gray but nobody at my house was digging it.  I forged ahead and gave it a distressed white finish.  


I know I took better pictures of the door but they are nowhere to be found.  The top view gives a good idea of it in the space.  I'm very happy with it; it adds a lot of charm and architectural interest, allows light into/from the bathroom, and functions perfectly.



13 thoughts on “repurposed garage door

  1. Reusing that garage door for your bathroom is more economical than buying a new one. Besides, that wooden door still looks tough and strong. It’s good also that you painted it white as it won’t look too old as before. Good job!


  2. Good job on fixing that old door and using it as your bathroom door. You saved yourself from the expenses of buying an expensive new one with that move. 🙂 And you’ve colored the door perfectly to match your house’s ambiance. Kudos to you!


  3. Sharron’s right, you were able to save yourself from having to buy an expensive new door. Not only that, coming up with new ways to improve your house interior design through recycling is a step towards painting a dimple on Mother Nature’s face.


  4. Interior space for one or two cars is typical, and garages built since the 1960s typically have a door directly connecting the garage to the interior of the house. Earlier garages were often detached and located in the back yard of the house, accessed either via a long driveway or from an alley.


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