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We did a re-do of our mud porch for the garage conversion…I still don't see the purpose of it (the 90 degree turn at the door is odd to me) but I did get to keep the old cabinet on the porch.  The two garage doors were replaced with real wood siding and pretty windows (and doors).  There is more lighting in the mother-in-law quarters than seems possible…starting with the two cute exterior lights.  

Now…see the door to the apartment?  It is in the exact same place as our old garage sliding door.  Certainly everyone that reads home magazines (and blogs, and pinterest, etc.) knows all about the cool barn doors on rails used in interiors.  I stood my ground and reused the garage door inside the apartment…show you in the next post.

  • windows and doors: anderson (to code for our historic district); canvas exterior
  • exterior lights: antique copper lantern from home depot; also a cute smaller version…would make cool indoor sconces.  

2 thoughts on “source {exterior}

  1. It looks good enough. But if I renovate our house, I want my porch to be one of the most beautiful part of the house. I want it to be spacious with grandiose columns with plants and flowers.


  2. The wood sidings and windows completely removed the impression that half of the façade is occupied by the garage door. It actually looks more like it is a different part of the house rather than the garage. Having garage doors in front sometimes reduces the aesthetic quality and makes it look plain. Even some houses that have fabulous designs become underrated because the garage door eats up a lot of it.


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