5 x 5 {june and may}


Showing June first because I like it the most…two friends drinking coffee in their swim suits on a diving board.  

The image is from a thrifted book that I altered very simply using one of my best paper tricks.  I wanted to highlight the one girl's crazy-cute hair so I slipped a pink doily halo behind her.  I don't use a craft knife or anything complicated…just cut into the image, around the girl, and then a little farther on the diving board.  Everything gets glued back down anyway and the cutting lines disappear.  Try it, I promise it is easier than you think.

I painted the water with Martha Stewart glitter paint in antique silver (LOVE that stuff).  I wanted to put something on the tray between the girls but didn't want it to detract from the halo.  I used a pencil to write "I will paint it when I have time"…a passive-aggressive nod to an upcoming painting task that I am just not feeling.


The 5 x 5 for May is just OK.


I liked using the masking tape and the ruffled paper made a good cover for a mistake.




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