material girl


The paper is called Material Girl from CosmoCricket.  It was a must-have.  Scissors, spools, stitching, tape measures…even the ends of the paper are cute (and I love to use those throwaway pieces).  I mixed in some of my paper stash too…don't want to be too matchy-matchy.




I always have a hard time taking pics of train cases but took a couple of "live action" shots to give a better idea of how it looks.


While I had the paper out and ready, I also started another small suitcase.  It still needs to be cutified (the word is in the wiktionary and I'm using it) but the "I'm a material girl. How about you?" is a good start. 




17 thoughts on “material girl

  1. I completely and totally love them both. You do such a great job, Julie! I am STILL afraid to tackle my vintage briefcase. I have very little confidence in my crafting abilities. But I am so inspired by what you do!
    Maybe one of these days…


  2. I find alot of cheap vintage suitcases in my travels and am looking for ideas to decorate some- I love yours. Same question as Pine Tree Home, what glue & finish, if any, do you use and also have you ever used fabric? If so is that harder to apply?


  3. Hi Susan,
    I use a decoupage glue called Royal Coat to glue and then to seal the whole case. I think Royal Coat is made by the ModPodge folks but it specifically says it is “acid free”. I like the satin finish because I don’t like anything too shiny. I haven’t tried fabric but I have used ribbon for trim…I put that on with WhackyTac and seal it with the decoupage glue. I hope you give it a try and let me know!


  4. I always love your train cases. I still have two sitting about waiting to be cutified but like a lot of things here abouts it might be awhile longer. I just had back surgery and it ain’t for sissies. But the good news is that I can tell a big improvement already.
    Thank you so much for link to the glue post on the side bar. It will help me tremendously when I finally get to those train cases and many other things that need doing.


  5. This suitcase idea is terrific! I have an old train case. I never thought of covering the outside because I happen to like the color, but I’ve passed up many a suitcase because the color just wasn’t right. This would solve that problem. Thanks for sharing this idea with us.


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