what is an iron


When they were both in preschool, my boys took some kind of screening test conducted by our school district. Part of the test was identifying common objects.  I remember neither one was able to identify an iron.  It was a long time ago but it was something like this….

my husband: "Really?"

me: "What? Who irons?"

Obviously, I don't place that much value on irons and never understood the need for an expensive one.  But, like lots of things sewing has changed my mind about, I'm starting to see the logic in a really good iron (for sewing purposes and maybe, occasionally, when something doesn't make it out of the dryer quickly). 

I still haven't actually spent the money on an iron but it's been floating around on my list.  You too?  Bitter Betty is having a giveaway for a serious iron (until June 1).  I hope I win.  It will be good "teaching moment" for my kids.  



15 thoughts on “what is an iron

  1. I don’t like to iron but I love cotton and linen clothes. Sooooo I gotta iron. I don’t have a fancy one at all. I have found over the many years that a heavy iron is better and nearly as important as the temp gauges.


  2. Same story here. Oldest child at grandma’s one day, asked her what she was doing! He had never seen an iron, ironing board, or the act of ironing.
    Love the buzzer on the dryer and I’m there before it has a chance to slow down.
    But I do love the Rowenta I have-just in case.


  3. When one of my children was little, they identified an iron as a sewing machine because that was the only time they saw mom iron. I actually enjoy ironing because that was my job when I was a teen. I remember summer ironing afternoons while watching TV.


  4. Before my husband retired from the Marine Corps I spent a lot of time ironing his uniforms. Never had a really good iron, though. About a year ago he bought me a Rowenta – I love it!!


  5. So funny! And I must confess, when I first started reading your blog you had a photo of some beautiful embroidered hand towels on the towel bar in your bathroom and my first thought was, ‘Why didn’t she iron those before taking the pic??’ And now I know. 🙂
    PS. The Huz does all the ironing here, former Navy, he’s VERY good at it. He irons all my vintage goodies, uses spray starch and everything.


  6. Do not underestimate the magical abilities of a good iron, it can turn even an old wrinkled suit into something presentable. I make sure to invest in a good iron so that it won’t spark and burn the house or something. Call me paranoid, but I also do that with the rest of my appliances, those are worth the investment. :D) But of course when time are tough, it is better to win a good iron! Good luck!


  7. My BFF bought me that same iron that Bitter Betty has on her blog and let me tell you, it is the iron of all irons. I love it. Except I’m with you. I only iron when I sew. You should invest in one. Well worth the money.


  8. Hi Jenn,
    That post was a long time ago…so glad you are still here! I’m sure I was thinking “I should iron these towels before I take a picture”. It seems that some time in the military makes for good iron-ers (my brother-in-law is the same way).


  9. oh, wish i hadn’t missed the giveaway, but julie this post is hysterical! i’m with you? who irons? …except when sewing! my HUSBAND on the other hand, irons EVERYTHING before he puts it on… t-shirts included.


  10. It’s Jenn again from the May 28th comment. Just had to come back to tell you this morning my husband wouldn’t let me leave the house til I took off my skirt for him to iron…which btw was BARELY wrinkled. The military keeps us safe, and me wrinkle free. 🙂


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