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Summer is both too busy and sometimes too full of downtime.  Lots of at swim practice, soccer camps.  Lots of time to think.  Should I scale back on my blog?  Could I ask the small group on my mailing list to follow me on Twitter instead?  What is the purpose of Flickr?  Should teachers be on Facebook (even if they are just there to keep an eye on their own kid?). Should I have more organized posts?  Should I share more of my house and family here without fear of too-much-information?  
I'm sure everybody has a little trouble blogging during the summer.  I know I should use the auto-post feature but I always feel more "real" if I write the post on the fly.  Even if that means I have to stop in the middle, run to the back door, and yell "for the love of God will you two leave your sister alone?".  No wonder my recent posts seem to have a slightly crabby edge. 
The post last week about the fat quarters really, really made me feel better about this crazy blogging business.   To take something so simple and find so many readers excited about the possibility of making something from them reminded me of how fun it is to share stuff…ideas, supplies, little peeks into our lives.  Is this blogging bliss?  
At the very least, I'm going to rearrange my blog a little…freshen things up.  Maybe take some small steps out of my box, try more ideas, finally attend an art workshop, share more.  

7 thoughts on “inside the box

  1. Well, as a reader who thoroughly enjoys your blog, I do hope you don’t decide to switch to only Twitter. I would miss you. I don’t really even sew, and I don’t craft much – but I find your writings inspiring and interesting. Just thought I’d throw my two cents in there. With the current economy, maybe they are only worth a halfpenny now.


  2. I would also miss you if you went to just Twitter. I like your perspective on things and the things you write about. I enjoy your unique crafts!
    An art workshop sounds like a lot of fun. I hear there is something in the works in St. Louis by ME herself. Anxiously looking foreward to hearing details on that.


  3. Blogging allows these opportunities to reflect and revise and I am so glad that you did. I have been reflecting on blogging as well…what to keep doing what to ditch. As a teacher, I don’t work with Facebook much except to keep up with the kids – but, the blog is linked and that worries me at times. I remind myself that students often found my blog even before Facebook…seems risky in ways. I am glad you are sticking around. ~Kelly


  4. oh, i’m SO glad someone else has to yell “for the love of God, would you two leave your sister alone!!!!”
    i like to intersperse it with “please stop wrestling on my________!!!!!!”
    “would you please put some clothes on? how did you end up naked?”
    i’m glad you blog. it’s good to share lots of things.


  5. Your blog is the first one I go to each time I have a moment to read blogs. Your style is totally different from my own; I think that’s why I find it so refreshing. I find your blog to also be inspiring; it has helped me to see things beyond what they appear to be and to try new things that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. I don’t have an opinion about how or what you should blog I just sincerely hope you continue to do so.


  6. PS; mine are 31, 27, and 24 and I still find myself telling them to quit picking on each other and to stop doing such and such on my ________. Mothering never stops, it just changes directions :o)


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