super bowl babies

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There are Christmas babies, summer babies, New Year babies.  I have two Super Bowl babies.   Ellen is 8 today and Ross will be 12 on Super Bowl Sunday.  I spent two seasons going to Rams games as the big pregnant girl but never missed a game.   Ross was born close to Super Bowl XXXI and there was a faction of guys I worked with that thought we should name him Brett or Drew based on the outcome of the game.  Ellen was due on Super Bowl Sunday XXXV…we were able to finish watching the game but then headed straight to the hospital.  

So…we have two birthday parties within four days.  Two birthday cakes (I've got this one in the oven right now), two trips to school with classroom treats, two special days.  

Ross is especially excited that his birthday is the same day as the Super Bowl.  The picture is him at the victory parade for the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV (you know… "The Tackle" …everytime I saw Mike Jones at my kids' daycare I tried to act cool but always wanted to run up and hug him like some kind of crazy lady).  Kurt Warner was the MVP.  And now, in an unbelievable turn of events, Kurt is back in the Super Bowl and we can't wait to watch it.  Regardless of the outcome of the big game, Kurt Warner will surely be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame…three Super Bowl appearances with two different teams…simply amazing.

5 thoughts on “super bowl babies

  1. My daughter was born during half-time the year that Janet Jackson had her “wardrobe malfunction.” We turned the TV off just at the end of the second quarter, got down to the business end of labor and had the set back on in the middle of the third quarter, babe in arms. For a time a joked that Tom Brady was my labor coach but now, meh, he kind of skeeves me.
    This year we’ll actually be in Florida for that baby’s fifth birthday. Not Tampa, but close enough. I can’t believe that she’s five already…and now a proper Philadelphia Eagles fan just like her dad and brother (I remain local to the Buffalo Bills which just goes to show that hope does, indeed, spring eternal).


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