Patchwork is such a good way to get a lot of color and pattern in a small space.   If I quilted, I'd love to do patchwork.  I created a few clipboards with patches of pretty paper and used some photoshop tricks to save the patches for other stuff (like updating my banner (but I'm not so sure I like it))…used the cookie cutter tool to make a heart.  

Can a blog post be a patchwork?  I think it can when you have a lot of little pieces to share…

  • Happy Loves Rosie gave me an "I Love Your Blog" award back in December.  If you ever need a dose of cheerful color and inspiration this is the place…Julie loves Happy Loves Rosie (oh, no…I just referred to myself in the third person).
  • Sarah (from Makin' Projiks(formerly known as The Misadventures of Mamma and JackJack)) and I discovered that we were hitting the same thrift stores (we had both bought cute patchwork coffee cups from the same stash at the same store).  Not everyone is brave enough to venture to the thrift store by my house but Sarah goes there once a week and stopped by my house last week…my first blog-friend-in-real-life visit.  And I didn't even think to take a picture.
  • I just finished reading Anna Karenina yesterday.  It was a long journey that I've been on…reading nearly every night since November.  But I'm so glad I did it. 
  • I used a treadmill for the first time in my life this week (something to do while my kids are at swim practice).  I've learned from the Biggest Loser to never, ever use your hands to support yourself (I never would have guessed there would be so much bleeped-out language on that show…I love it) and I used the treadmill to run.
  • Finally, I want to thank everyone for the advice and encouragement you gave me about the teaching program…I truly appreciate it.   

2 thoughts on “patchwork

  1. Sojourn’s Nest loves Jane’s apron. And I really appreciate all the blogs you have listed to the right. It’s helped me find some wonderful blogs and even inspired me many times to a more creative lifestyle. It’s so good knowing there really are others out there that share our love of art, vintage, old & chippy, ect. ect.


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