seam binding


I have to admit that I'm a little late to the seam binding party.  I've seen it used everywhere but could never figure out how you could ever have enough of it for a project because the only kind I've easily found is a small portion in a small package.   So, when I was working on some slightly more "fancy" clipboards recently and I really wanted to add some pretty seam binding (a good match for the sewing patterns and all), I did a little internet research and found a good source. 

By good, I mean there's enough of it to really do something with (100 yard spools), it's not too expensive, and it comes in a crazy array of really, really good colors (those slightly off colors that I love so much and can never find).  The brand is called Hug Snug and, since the label says washable, I think you could even dye it if you wanted to.  I bought mine on ebay from a sewing supply place called zipperstop.  The color I used in the clipboard projects is called "cruise beige".

The clipboards I made are going into my lollishop as soon as I get a chance.  Lollishops is described as a "frou frou friendly marketplace" and I wanted to make some frou frou-ier clipboards.  I painted the boards off-white, added a little watercolor to the dress images on the back of the pattern, attached a fluffy amount of seam binding, and a sweet little heart.  Jump over to the shop here to take a look.  

10 thoughts on “seam binding

  1. Zipperstop also has a fantastic assortment of zippers, just in case you wanted to add things with teeth to your reportoire! They have an online store as well, separate from ebay.
    And regarding teaching, how very sensible to institute such a program! I have a feeling you’ll be a great math teacher and get very few of the “Why are we learning this????” question.


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