a year of color


Color is my thing.  Color and pattern…love to mix and match them and put them in combinations.  When I make something it is, to me, always about finding the right color and layout.  I never really try to match anything or measure but rather let my eye tell me when it's right.  

I was recently contacted by Kari at ArtsyMamma.  She was putting together a new blog focused on color with a different color theme each month and wanted to know if I'd like to participate. Did you say color?  I'm in.   Kari had a list of colors to choose from and I picked yellow thinking that it would be the most challenging for me.   Yellow is one of those colors that can go very wrong (like in my dining room) or very right…I've got my work cut out for me.  

So, what is A Year of Color?  It's a blog subscription (only $12 for the whole year…to me, this is a bargain…less than one art magazine) with a color theme for each month, an impressive list of guest designers, tutorials, swaps, and loads of inspiration.   I know Kari has the talent and energy to devote to the project and it will be fun year.  For all the details, check out these links…

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