it’s on like donkey kong


Can you tell I've been watching a little too much football? And a few too many football commercials.  I know it's bad when my kids are quoting car commercials word-for-word. It's a good thing I'm a Denis Leary fan because how many times have I heard him?  Fifty …sixty …thousand times? Anyway, as Peyton says "It's on like Donkey Kong"… on to routines, on to watching football just on the weekends, on to not eating ginger snaps a handful at a time.  

I bought a weekly planner at Barnes & Noble last year and liked it so much, I bought another for this year (50% off of course).  I used my favorite spiral punch to add a pretty cover and include any filler pages I need.  The punched holes are the perfect size to snap right into the planner. The covers are a textured plastic so the pictures appear blurry but you get the idea…cover the blah front with something you like.   I try to keep the spiral punches in my etsy shop and sell them for what I pay…not trying to make money but just sharing something that I like.

I'll be back later this week with a new blog that I want to share and I hope to do a "blog project" next week where I start and complete a small home improvement project.   Look at me…all motivated and stuff.

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