mini me


I hesitate to post my kid’s artwork here but bear with me for just a bit…

I was tossing loads of pre-cut papers recently and my daughter Ellen snatched them up and made, without really knowing it, little altered trading cards of all of our animals.  She made all of them in outdoor scenes except for our cat Nancy.  Nancy is old, has one eye (see the "x" in place of an eye?), and is blind…so her artwork depicts her inside by the fire "looking" out of the window.  I LOVE that Ellen cut out a flower shape and placed it to the left of her composition.

Next, as part of this project, I made a sketch of the floor plan I’m thinking of and  Ellen made one of her own.   She included the paint colors that I had picked for the room (yes, I’m still under the influence of paint color names…I picked "coffee" and "rice pudding").   And I’m especially proud that she wrote "Ellen’s Plan" with the correct punctuation.

So, Ellen’s birthday is tomorrow…she will be 7 years old.  She is such a close version of me that it is a little freaky.  Happy Birthday Ellen!



12 thoughts on “mini me

  1. How fun is that!!.. My youngest two are boys and love to sew and craft… they live to thrift and go to craft stores. My little guy will be 7 soon, it’s hard to believe really.. but my oldest is going to be 18 in a few days. He is even crafty in is own way.. he can really tear it up in Photoshop.. makes my head spin but he is nice enough to help me when I get stuck 🙂
    p.s. on the paint name thing.. I had a wonderful color paint for our living room that I never used because I hated the name so much… how silly is that???


  2. This is great! I can so appreciate your sentiments here. My little one is only three but shows (promising) signs of enjoying some of the same things I do. I keep praying she’ll want to learn all the little crafty things i enjoy…and that we can pass that on to the youngest as well.
    I love your daughter’s artwork – I hope you have a good day celebrating her arrival!


  3. how sweet! she’s certainly inherited your artistic talents. 🙂 and do wish her a happy birthday for me! 🙂 I can remember when I turned seven… I was *so* excited! 🙂


  4. I have to tell you I got a chuckle out of this. I can so relate, with having 5 daughters there is bound to be a carbon copy, and sometimes it’s a bit scary to see yourself, and yes I do feel pride too.


  5. I LOVE it! What a little talent she is. I can see that you two will have a lot in common in the years to come. I think my Emma would really like your Ellen!


  6. How cute is that?! LOVE her amazing skills at such a young age, the composition is PERFECT, just like her mom’s…..and too funny about Hooters, must be the thing to do these days, my “boys” were there last weekend themselves. UGH.
    oh well, hope you have a extra-crafty day! wish I was an apron wearer..i’d be entering your drawing for sure, how cute!


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