Dscf0125_edited1I picked up two expertly crafted vintage aprons at my thrift store last week (what is that diamond-shaped stitching…a kind of smocking?).  The best part is the label sewn on the inside…”HAND MADE BY Margie”.  You gotta love a name like Margie…a classic 1940’s name…but still so cute. 

I recently was getting ready to meet some friends from college and my daughter asked my friends’ names.  “Well, there’s Linda, Kathy, Karen…” I said.  Ellen thought about it for a second and said “Those are weird names”.   I thought this was so funny.  I guess when you are 6 and go to school with kids named Hannah, Ava, Fiona…and even Parker and Carter, those classic 1960s names must sound pretty funky.  Lisa? Kim? Julie?…classic 1960’s names…now seen as “weird”.


15 thoughts on “margie

  1. Julie – the MaryJanes Farm apron issue gave a pattern for this type of fake smocking. It was almost always completed on gingham – but I also have a pillow made this way from the ribbons off my Dad’s grave. (yes I know that’s strange) I can copy the info if you would like and send it to you. – Just email me.


  2. I totally love old school names! I was trying to talk my husband into naming our baby Penelope and calling her Penny or Margaret and calling her Peg or Peggy, but he wasn’t havin’ it. I even like Margie! 🙂 Love the color combo of the aprons. So cheery.


  3. I was thinking about names when I did the valentine swap sign up, I swear 6 of us are called Sarah, and 6 are called Jennifer. We are all *so* mid 1970s!
    I think that is some sort of smocking. If they have cross stitch on the bottom with the gingham, they call those chicken scratch.


  4. i just remember there being a ton jennifers, heathers, and a couple of tiffanies thrown in there in the 80’s.
    i never had to worry about someone else having my name, unless they were in my family and then it runs rampant.


  5. Love the colors!.. and you must have MUCH better thrift shops than we have!.. Want a dorky name??.. I HATED my name when I was a kid. Madeleine. in a calss full of Jill’s Alison’s Barbie’s.. sigh.. when I moved to the South I morphed into Maddie and that works well enough and I meet tons of babies named Maddie these days.. so guess it’s not so bad after all 🙂


  6. Isn’t it funny how many of us dislike our names and yet our loving Mothers must have given us those names with a lot of thought! I’m a Gillian,and have always disliked it. I remember asking my Mum when I was a child “why did you have to call me Gillian?”, she used to answer, “well I like it dear”. I always wanted a pretty name such as Lucy, or Sally, or Julie! I love the current trend for old-fashioned names for children, I know several Alfies, and a couple of Harriets. My own son is a Jack which when he was born 19 years ago was considered quite an adult name.


  7. Hey! I have the same apron – in green check with that same stitching. I’d have been over the moon if it had a “made by…”tag. And, alas, I am more at home with my peers – the Julies, Kristens. There were no Eva, Olivia, Hannah…in my day either!
    Great finds!


  8. That is a type of smocking. It is easier to do than traditional smocking as you use the checks instead of pleating and marking. There was a show in the late 50’s called “My Little Margie” and I coveted that name or Suzie. My Mom is Marjorie, but called Bunny due to her little sister pointing to Mom’s coat with a little rabbit on it and proclaiming her Bunny.


  9. My mother’s relatives thought she was nuts when she named my sister Dawn and me Robin in the early 60s–they thought she should have gone with more traditional names (after our grandmothers). Thank God Mom didn’t do that–we would have been named Mildred and Imogene! The relatives thought she was becoming a flower child.


  10. It’s always interesting to see the trend in names. In the 1800s it was Hezikiah, Lydia…in the ’20s the common names were Betty (my mother), Shirley, Dorothy…my name was the result of that movie, Tammy…and, I’ve never liked it. Now, there are many Dylans, Conners, Maddies, Haleys…I guess you can kinda tell what era someone was born in. 🙂


  11. Just found your blog! I just love it! I have a collection of vintage aprons… once I get my camera up and running this may just motivated me to take some actual pictures of them and share them. Thanks!


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