new sewing boxes

Dscf0084_edited1I bought a bunch of stitched suitcases a few years ago and I used a couple of them for storing finished cards.  I looked at them again when cleaning my craft closet and saw a new purpose for them.  I remembered the cutest sewing box from picnic by ellie (I think that might have been the first photo I marked as a favorite in flickr).   These boxes are really, really simple…I just added a pretty image from my big counter book.  The stitching running across the bottom of the dress was just a happy accident from sanding the sealer I used…makes it fit into the little case even better. 

I made two of these and will list them along with a few other "valentine" colored items and a new batch of "sew busy" clipboards in my etsy shop tomorrow. 

We are all home together again today (I don’t think my kids ever go for an entire week of school without a day "off") and it is so dang cold.  The only thing I can think to do that shouldn’t be too crowded is to go to the art museum…it’s free and for some reason my kids like it. 


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