I’m 44 years old and have a tiny pumpkin face tea set that no one is allowed to touch but me.  Is that wrong?  I’ve had this tea set longer than I’ve had kids.  It’s from the same ceramic artist that made this bunny.  She creates her own molds from vintage candy molds and other vintage items and then finishes them in a cool "shabby" way.  I have a pretty large collection of Halloween stuff from her but only get out a few things each year.  This year it’s the tea set and these…



Just wanted to post a quick update about the artist that created these cool ceramics.  Her name is Chris Farr and she has a website at www.thesunshineshed.com.   My sister Jennifer had the information and she has her own post about Chris here.  Jennifer lives two houses up from me and, when it comes to talent for arranging interiors, she is the best there is…the photos in this post are actually from her house and not a decorating magazine…seriously.


11 thoughts on “pumpkins

  1. no it is not bad at all. there are things in myhouse that i hear myhusband say to the kids about.. “you know your mom will kill us both if that breaks while i am in here with you”


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