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Img_1737_edited1Most discussions about home projects with my husband are remarkably similar.  He tells me what I shouldn’t/can’t do and I put my hands over my ears and say "la, la, la…la, la,la".  I think the "discussion" about our front door may have set a record…the project took 6 years to complete.  When we moved in, an aluminum storm door (with a decorative swan…yes, a swan) covered the front door…totally and completely out of place on our Tudor house.  I won’t bore you with the details but, as you can see, I finally made the door my own.   I wanted the door to be painted.  Not just any color…but a nice pretty orange…with a dark, dark green frame around it. 

Halfjack …and just one more sliver of orange to share with you.  Today, I am officially the mom of a teenager.  We took a lot of teasing about naming him Jack (there weren’t very many Jacks back then…I had to constantly repeat that he was Jack not Jake)  but the guys I worked with were very supportive and told me that with a name like "Jack Thompson" he would grow up to be a baseball player.  They might have been right…that’s Jack with the MVP ball from the all-star game this summer.  Happy Birthday Jack!


13 thoughts on “front door

  1. Happy Birthday Jack! That has happened with each of my kids names, I tried to be more original. But then eventually they turned into the most popular names. Not sure if that is good or not, but I am still happy about my choices!
    I wanted to say I love your door. Our front door is similar, but natural wood. My husband and I have the same discussions, and he loves natural wood. He does not want me to paint it! We both hate the stain of the door, but no one has time to deal with it.
    So it sits. Just like it always has.
    The orange with green trim is so fun and homey, I love it! I always love your Tudor house. šŸ™‚


  2. A very happy birthday to Jack!
    Your front door is glorious and is exactly what I’ve been explaining to my husband I want in our next house. I love the colors but admit I’m a “blue” kind of girl.


  3. The door looks beautiful, and congratulations on entering the “mother of a teen” phase of your life. Happy birthday to Jack. (I have a 5 year old nephew, Jack… a good name.)


  4. Happy birthday to Jack!
    I *love* your door! I always wanted to paint a door bright red (for good luck) but orange would be so much better. DH doesn’t agree, so ours are all white – better for re-sale šŸ˜¦ I may have to take matters into my own hands and do it when he’s not around, LOL.


  5. Your door looks terrific ~ good for you for never relenting. Please contact me at my email address because I have some interesting photos to share with you regarding an earlier blog about the collage on the front door with the woman in black silhouette. You won’t believe it! Also, love that you put a tea light in a milk glass container. Me too! Discovered that brilliant idea by accident one early dark morning and thought it was so sweet and my little secret. Imagine that!!! Love your blog and your work. I found your blog through a link on my favorite tea shop’s blog in CT (although I live in CA!). It’s a small world after all. Hope to hear from you soon. ~Suzanne


  6. I can relate to your husband thing…..I am ALWAYS met with resistance, but always win out in the end! (i’m quite persistent)
    I LOVE your front door! the orange, and green are a perfect compliment with the brick, and your Jack is adorable. I have a Jack too
    (Jackson) so I think that is a PERFECT name too!


  7. Your door looks beautiful and very fitting for a Tudor. Welcome to the “mum of a teenager club” I joined this past summer, and so far, so good. Although, there are changes…


  8. Wow, I really like your door. I would never had thought of Orange (is it the same color as your back hallway? love the name of that paint “October”) We do red, yellow, green, blue, aqua, periwinkle all with white trim,around our cottage house, but no orange. I really do like it, especially with the dark green trim. You have a great eye for color.


  9. haha , OMG, i have been wanting a swan screen door forever! NO JOKE! But my home is pretty cottagy, so it would work šŸ™‚ WHere was i when you were throwing it out:( Rosemary


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