october = orange

It’s hard to say that I have a "favorite" color because I like all kinds of color and combinations (love paint chips and paint color names) but one that I always love is orange.   I had the idea this weekend to make all of my blog posts for October "orange" posts…stuff around my house (there’s a lot of orange), maybe some new projects…we’ll see.   

I’m starting off the month with the items I’m sending out for the Sweet & Sinister Swap.  I didn’t use all of the stuff I gathered but did add a few more items here and there…

Candy Clipboard Sconce Milkglass

The jar of orange stick candy is a pear jar from Trader Joe’s…just loved the shape of the jar and save it for "some reason".   

I used a page from "Son of a Witch" (where are all of the copies of "Wicked" at the thrift store when you need them?) and a vintage sewing pattern on the clipboard.  Added a Sweet & Sinister tag with black & white twine (Martha Stewart stuff at Michael’s). 

The black sconce was a thrift store find that used to be gold.  I spray painted it black and added some black & orange vintage-y crepe paper.  I really couldn’t think of anything to put in the sconce that would travel in the mail very well…finally decided to add some of my favorite chocolate recipes…sweet.

The last item is my favorite and was completely thrifted.  The milk glass is a cool sinister shape (don’t forget to add a tea light to your milk glass!).  I have never really seen crocheted doilies in orange…isn’t it cool?  I found a nice scary Ann Rice "Servant of the Bones" book and tore out chapter 13 and glued it on the front of the book.  Such a spooky little vignette.


15 thoughts on “october = orange

  1. I think you can not have to much orange this time of the year. Very nice use of the jar. This is my first visit please come by Daisy Bouquet for a cup of spiced tea. Mary


  2. Do you mind my asking where you got the sticks of candy? It’s so stupid! I can’t find them anywhere! Something you’d think so easy to find! I have a big apothecary jar I wanted to fill up. 🙂


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