accidental tag


I made these cards with Mother's Day in mind but they could really be used anytime.  I used the tissue from a sewing pattern and layered it onto a vanilla cardstock and them used it as a background and other scraps on a few cards.  I stamped "mom" in stitched alphabet stamps and finished it off with a stitched ribbon.   The cards seem very mom-like to me…didn't everybody's Mom used to sew?


A lot (most!) of the things I make are "accidental" designs…I really don't have a plan but find stuff laying next to each other on a table or in messy pile I have left behind and something jumps out at me.  That's how I made this tag…a scrap of the pattern cardstock too small for a card and a pattern girl in a cute black & white dress…meant to be together…


6 thoughts on “accidental tag

  1. Your cards are wonderful! I love the idea of “accidental designs.” Sometimes I think the accidents are what makes a truly unique end result–too much planning can often leave us feeling like something is missing and can sometimes stifle creativity. Using the pattern tissue paper is brilliant.


  2. Oh, these things are very beautiful. Pretty colours, and a great idea using the pattern tissue. But I’m certain the woman in the tag hasn’t had babies. She’s so lithe and girlish…


  3. I love the cards and the tag! Fabulous – I am fascinated with all the things you do/make with the vintage “pattern girls”!


  4. Hey! I made the dress on the bottom!
    I * heart your cards… and I scrolled down … but must add that i covet your twine. ( and the vintage bib pattern… but that just goes without saying..)
    sigh. blog crushing you now.


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