school auction


I made this simple collage for the kid's school auction that is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I just love the frame…the mat opening is only 5×7 but I really like how it is offset in the frame.   I bought the frame at Target (of course!)…I have a running joke with my sisters that almost every conversation we have starts with "I was at Target today and…".

I am planning on listing my larger pattern collages in my  etsy shop today…right after I run to REI and pick up my new shoes…

(***shop updated today 4.12***)

CrocsI'm a "mary jane" girl and couldn't resist these…they are even in my favorite chocolate brown color.


6 thoughts on “school auction

  1. Lovely collage!
    I favor mary janes as well. Dansko makes one called “Giselle” which is super comfortable and has a low heel (which I prefer, being on the tall side).


  2. Just discovered your blog and love all the vintage loveliness! Funny, I just posted about an old apron myself – not nearly as lovely as your classic pieces, tho!


  3. I stumbled upon your blog somehow and when I saw those Brown Mary Jane Crocs…well I just had to post. I love them too and bought a pair a few weeks ago. I was feeling rather silly that I posted all about them but now I don’t. They are lovely.
    BTW…Such a lovely blog I will definitely be visiting again!


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